About us

At Mojesty simplicity , we believe in creating simple pieces that not only feel comfortable to wear but also make you feel powerful and confident. Our approach to design is seasonless, producing timeless garments that you can style and wear with ease throughout the year.  We offer versatile pieces that can be re-worn and restyled many times.

We take great pride in producing our garments thoughtfully. We don’t follow the traditional fashion calendar and overproduction manufacturing, allowing us to prioritize quality over quantity, minimizing our impact on the environment, and promoting responsible fashion practices.

Sahra Abokor, the founder and CEO, model turned into a fashion designer. Her passion for empowering individuals to feel beautiful and confident, inspired her to launch the brand in 2023. Sahra's creative process is to support girls like her who are balancing the modesty and fashion. Her approach to creating new clothing hinges around - Modesty. We strive to celebrate and explore individuality through our designs, empowering our customers to express themselves with confidence and authenticity. 


Our philosophy: Key pieces that are refreshing your wardrobe while elevating your look

 We are here to support your modest journey, warm welcome .